Official Name: República Oriental del Uruguay.

Geographic Position
: Southeast Aerea of South America. Between paralels 30° & 35° south latitude, and meridians 53° & 58° West length.

Limits to the North and Northeast with Brazil (985 km), to the West with Argentina (589km), to the South with the River Plate (452km), and to the East with the Atlantic Ocean (228km)

Surface: 176.215 km2.


Society: Uruguayan society is cosmopolitan as result of european migrations. People is open-minded and tolerant. There is no political, religious or racial discrimination.

Total Population: 3.305.723 (1.347.888 in Montevideo)

Density: (Hab./km2.): 17.8

Annual Demographic Growth: 0.68%

Education: Education is public, secular and mandatory as established by the Constitution.

Literacy rate: 97%.Uruguay is the most cultural advanced country of Latinamerica and one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

Language: Spanish is the official language. English and Portuguese can be heard in the main turistic points.

Religion: there is no official religion. The Uruguayan Constitution guarantees religous freedom. Many religions coexist peacefully in Uruguay, though the predominant religion is catholism.

Currency: Uruguayan Peso

Cimate: Uruguay's climate is mild, subtropical and humid. The average temperature in Spring is 17°C; in Autumn 18°C and in Winter 12°C. The extreme temperatures reach, as an exception, 40°C in the Summer and 2 or 3°C below zero in Winter.

Electrical Current:
Voltage is 220v and 50 cycles.
If you bring 110v appliances/equipment you will need voltage trans-formers in order to use them in Uruguay.

Public Holidays:
New Year's Day :: 1 January
Epiphany :: January 6
Carnival :: February/March
Holy Week and Easter :: March/April
Landing of the “33 orientales” :: April 19
Labor Day :: May 1
Battle of Las Piedras :: May 18
Birthday of General J.G. Artigas :: June 19
Constitution Day :: July 18
Independence Day :: August 25
Columbus Day :: October 12
All Saints Day :: November 2
Christmas :: December 25

Turism: www.turismo.gub.uy

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